CIC biomaGUNE (ES)

Principal investigator: 
Prof. Juan Mareque

CIC biomaGUNE has established a state of the art research program at the interface between the chemical, biological and physical sciences with a main emphasis on molecular scale properties and applications of biological nanostructures. The final aim of this program is to contribute to the understanding of the function of biological systems at the molecular and nanometer scale. The main research lines deal with the design, preparation and characterization of biofunctional nanostructures to be used in the study of biological processes.

These research lines include the synthesis and characterization of biofunctional nanoparticles, studies on molecular self-assembly, nano-fabrication techniques toward nano-devices, bioconjugation of surfaces and study of interface processes, research on basic aspects of the interface design and the production of biologically relevant patterns at the nanometer scale for studies of protein- surface and cell-surface interaction. This basic knowledge should lead, in the long run, to improving the ability to intervene at different stages of a disease by developing early diagnosis methods, “smart” therapeutic treatments, as well as triggering self-healing mechanisms. The Molecular Imaging Facility is a technological platform of high relevance at the European level, in preclinical imaging. It empowers the research capacity at CIC biomaGUNE and provides high expertise service to research centers, hospitals and companies.

The role of CICB in the MediSURF project is site-specific incorporation of immunomodulatory ligands, chemotherapeutic drugs/prodrugs and tumour-specific antigens (Mareque), labeling with positron-emitting or gamma- emitting radioisotopes (Llop) and performing functional proof of principle studies of MAPS-derived nanoconstructs combining tracking based on multimodal imaging with analysis of immunostimulatory responses and antitumor activities (Mareque & Llop).