National Institute of Chemistry (SI)

Laboratory of Biotechnology
Principal investigator: 
Prof. Roman Jerala

Major research activity at the department is dedicated to synthetic biology as an interdisciplinary branch of science that introduces the engineering approach to biological systems. Recently, this approach has been increasingly used for discovering natural phenomena in accordance with a reflection on the possibilities of engineering solutions to a specific natural problem. Otherwise, as already shown in several cases, synthetic biology has an extremely high potential for the modification of biological systems to perform functions that do not exist in nature.

Another part of our research is oriented towards study of molecular recognition, signal transduction, and primal metabolism, and towards the application of modern biochemical, molecular, immunological, microbiological, biophysical and structural biological methods to problems, which have potential industrial application in fields such as medicine, pharmacy or biotechnology. Research topics with application in medicine are molecular mechanisms of innate immunity and cancer treatment.

Role in the project: Design, production and characterization of coiled-coil based scaffolds, characterization of in vitro assemblies using biophysical and biochemical methods, functionalization of polypeptide scaffolds, analysis of activation of innate immune response by designed nanoparticles, in vivo analysis of the biological function of modified surfaces.